I'm Adrian Leong 👋
Adrian Leong

Designer that codes based in Los Angeles, CA from Bayamón, Puerto Rico. I grew up mainly in South Florida and studied print design in college, learning code, product, and business on my own time. I love working day-to-day on projects that require multidisciplinary skill sets solving complex issues that make the lives of people better. I've been designing for 8+ years and coding for 4+ years.

I specialize in design, mainly working in product design for both the web and mobile apps. I have extensive experience with both visual and interaction design, design systems, user research, branding, and shipping products. I am also a front-end engineer focusing on React, CSS architecture, and component systems.

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  1. Lead Product Designer at Mothership
  2. Producing beat music as Cordio
  3. Creating a community at LA Music Group
  4. Making physical products at Trademarked
  5. Making a tool called The Gift Atlas
  6. Curating Calligritype and Illustree

more about myself

From awards to interviews, here are some folks who think my work and I are pretty cool. I'm always open to interviews and podcasts if that's your thing.