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Want an unfair advantage to develop your child musically?

You will not want to miss this!

Dive into different fun and exiciting activities to develop your innate sense of music. The basic elements of learning music is what we are focusing on here. Like tree roots, the stronger your foundation is, the stronger and taller you can grow!


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What do these musicians all have in common?

Translife Kids Music Center
Translife Kids Music Center
Translife Kids Music Center
Hilary Hahn
Translife Kids Music Center
Lang Lang
Translife Kids Music Center
Sungha Jung

They start exploring music at their young age before they even learn how to read and write properly!

Let us be clear with one thing...

This isn't one of those music centers that promises how we can create a star out of your child with a push of a button.

Here's the Deal !!

What your child is going to get is something that ALL musicians (like the one we mentioned above) spend MOST of their time to develop, THE BASIC SKILL SET!

Now, we all know how important:



physically feel the music

is important for musicians. But do you know which part to listen to? Where are the phrases? Did you notice that there is a similar pattern throughout the music?
In order to transfer these skill sets, we have spent countless sleeping days and nights to simplify and convert the entire thing into many different fun activities.

Long story short, we are not teaching you how to fish, but we are giving you the entire aquarium.

Here's exactly what your child will be learning throughout the whole program


Drumming and Dancing

(Children learns best with movement! So gear up, drum and dance together with the music)

Translife Kids Music Center

Mighty Maestros

In Short! Conduct! (Learn to listen & feel the music. Shape and paint your music with colours)

Translife Kids Music Center

Little Composers

Write your own little jingle! (Learn to compose your very own song! Start from the basics!)

Translife Kids Music Center

Story with Music

Create a story from the music (Use your creative juice and learn to paint a picture or make a story out of a music)

Translife Kids Music Center

Music History

Hi - Story! (Explore our music history's interesting facts! And get to know the composer's story)

Translife Kids Music Center

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