A little bit about us...

Who we are?

Some old music school you see everyday... NOPE!

We understand music is not only about reading notes and playing it out. Music is more than that! Music is about expression and feeling! Music is an art!

We are a bunch of professionally trained music educators with a goal to inspire and encourage children to develop to their fullest potential. We believe music has the power to change one’s life and we are here to guide the children to transform themselves through the power of music!

Transforming you through music
Our deepest purpose is to inspire and spread the love of music to all children
To create a community where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential. A happy child is a successful one.


Mighty Musicians

Want an unfair advantage to develop your child musically?

You will not want to miss this!

Dive into different fun and exiciting activities to develop your innate sense of music. The basic elements of learning music is what we are focusing on here. Like tree roots, the stronger your foundation is, the stronger and taller you can grow!

Psst! Did we tell you this program comes with a FREE ticket to enjoy a performance in Malaysia Phiharmonic Orchestra (MPO)?*

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Ok! So you've got your basics covered. Now its time for an upgrade!

This is where you will refine and master your skill as a musician. We will provide a tailored and personal development path for you. There is no one size fits all, each of you are unique and learn differently :)

So get ready to sharpen your sword...i mean skill!

You may not be the next Chopin or Beethoven or Jay Chou...but it's ok, we guarantee you that the skills, techniques and concepts that you have honed will be useful in your life!

Discovery Squadsicians

Have you ever wonder what these weird symbols mean? Or why Beethoven write Fur Elise in this manner?

Want to know more? Don't worry we got you cover in this program! There are times when you need to get away from your instruments and analyse the piece that you are playing. You will discover many interesting things that will help in your playing!

Oh! Did we mention that you get to learn some foreign language? You will be the coolest kid in school!

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